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s on WechatAbout MooncakesAbout MooncakesAbout Mooncakes09-14-2016 17:18 BJTMooncakes are traditionally Chinese pastries generally eaten during the Mid-Autumn Festival. The festival typically involves family getting together to share mooncakes while watching the moon.Typical Chinese mooncakes are round in shap▓e, and measure around 10 cm (4 in

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ches) in diamete▓r and 4-5 cm (2 inches) in thickness. Most mooncakes ▓consist of a thin tender skin enveloping a sw▓eet, dense filling.Mooncakes are usually eaten in small we▓dges shared by family members. They are generally served w▓ith Chinese tea, and very rarely, moonca

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kes are served steamed or fried.Mooncakes are the mu▓st-eat food for the Mid-Autumn Festival. It was customary for house wives to prepare mooncakes at home when the festival was approaching.However, as

the production is labor-intensive and they are widely available in markets, very few▓ people make them at home nowadays.History of MooncakesAt the end of the Yuan ?/p>

圖ynasty (1271–1368, a dynasty ruled by

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the ▓Mongols), the Han people's army wanted to overthrow the rule of Mongols so they planned an u

prising, but they had no way to inform every Han peo▓ple who wanted to join them the time of the uprising without being discovered by the Mongols. One day, the military counselor of the Han people's army, Liu Bo

wen, thought out a stratagem related to mooncakes. Liu Bowen asked his soldiers to spread the rumor that there would be a serious disease in winter and eating mooncakes was the only way to c

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ure the disease, then he ask▓ed soldiers to write "uprising, on the night of the Mid-Autumn Festival" on

slips of▓ paper, put them into mooncakes and t▓hen sell them to common Han people. When▓ the night of the Mid-Autumn Festival came a huge uprising broke out. From then on, people have eaten mooncakes every Mid-Autumn Festival to commemor

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ate the uprising.Nowadays, people also like appreciating the moon on Autumn Moon Festival. Family members have dinner together in the evening of the f▓estival.Traditional Mooncakes·Fil


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seed paste (鑾茶搲, lían róng): It is made from dried ▓lotus seeds. Lotus seed paste is considere▓d by some people the most delicious and luxurious


using the sweet▓ potato as a

g bean paste, red bean paste and ▓black bean potato paste. Red bean pas▓te is the most commonly used filling for m▓ooncakes.Five kernel (浜斾粊, w菙 r&eacu


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ifferent regions, but commonly used nuts and seeds include: walnuts, pumpkin s▓eeds, watermelon seeds, peanuts, sesame seeds and almonds.Egg yolk: A whole

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salted egg yolk is placed in the center of mooncakes to symbolize the ful▓l moon.Jujube paste: A sweet paste made fr▓om the ripe fruits of the jujube (date) plant. It is dark red in color.&mid

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dot;Region▓al Varieties of MooncakesThe variety of moonca▓kes varies according to different reg▓ions. The fillings used in mooncakes depe▓nd on local eating culture and tradition. T▓he most pop

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